Ektomorf is a metal band from Hungary. The music style can be roughly divided into the thrash metal with hardcore influences, elements come to the traditional Roma music, which feed on the cultural heritage of the founder of the band. The band is often said to have a very close resemblance to Soulfly.

As members of the Roma ( Zoltán Farkas, Csaba Farkas ) had and have the members of Ektomorf to just fight in their homeland with prejudice and racially motivated attacks. Many of the discrimination they describe in their songs, such as in Gypsy, I know them, Outcast or set me free.


Ektomorf was founded in 1994 by brothers Zoltan and Farkas Csaba. After years of samples, the musicians were able to obtain a recording contract in 1996 and published her first recordings Hangok in the same year. The second plate Ektomorf could attract international attention in 1998 for the first time.

With the album I Scream Up to the Sky in 2002, the band reached the European breakthrough. In magazines like Metal Hammer and Rock Hard was reported Ektomorf and the group was able to play at several major rock festivals in Europe. In 2003 she switched to the record label Nuclear Blast. In 2004, Ektomorf were on tour with Pro-Pain and Fear Factory.

Mid-October to early November 2005 they played on their first headlining tour The Monster Mosh Down Tour 2005 along with Disbelief, Betzefer and By Night in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. It was followed by a tour with One Man Army and the Undead Quartet as support of Children Of Bodom.

In February 2007, Ektomorf started to promote it to their album Outcast with the bands Kayser and Blinded Colony their "Tour Over Europe ".

On 20 March 2009, the album What Does not Kill Me ... was released through AFM Records. The album debuted on April 6, number 94 in the German charts.

This was followed on 17 December 2010 the album Redemption, was touring with which in February 2011.

17 February 2012 The Acoustic appeared, the first pure acoustic album of the band. Partial acoustic songs were already on the previous albums contain, for example, Sea of ​​My Misery from the album Redemption.

Half a year later was released on August 30, 2012 Album Black Flag, with which the band goes on tour from October 2012.

On 31 January 2014, the now eighth studio album was released, entitled "Retribution ".




  • Nem Engedem
  • A romok alatt
  • Testvérdal
  • Destroy
  • I Know Them
  • A.E.A. (Recording session)
  • Show Your Fist
  • Set Me Free
  • Outcast
  • I choke
  • It's up to you
  • Last Fight
  • Sea Of My Misery
  • The One ft. Danko Jones
  • Unscarred
  • To Smoulder
  • Black Flag
  • Numb and Sick ft. Cristian Machado