El Grande

Game of the Year 1996 German Games Award 1996: 1st place

El Grande is a board game for two to five players by Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich. The graphic comes from Doris Matthäus. It is published by Hans im Glück. El Grande was honored in 1996 as the game of the year and with the German game prize.

Game play

The map of Spain is the board of El Grande. The players are the grandees and try with their Caballeros - small colorful wooden cubes - in as many regions to win a majority in order to extend its influence far.

First, decide the power cards, how many Caballeros may be retrieved from the storage to the court, ie the players are available for its further action. The problem is: who plays off a high power card, although is the first player off, but hardly gets Caballeros. He then has a free choice in the conversion rate available for the round five action cards. These allow us to bring a different number of Caballeros in the regions. And with each action map an event is joined together, let the player run. It can, for example, ratings in individual regions are triggered - preferably where the player has a majority. Or it may own or other Caballeros be moved around the board. In addition, the player has the option of the usable Caballeros to throw as many in the Castillo.

After three, six and nine rounds a scoring round takes place in the first, Castillo is evaluated after each player has chosen a secret area then be placed from the Castillo into his Caballeros. Result, the majority situation in the regions under certain circumstances may change significantly. Subsequently, all regions are considered in turn. Here, the highest score, the players, the player with the most Caballeros in the region in the squares correspondingly less. Extra points are awarded if you are in a region adjacent to the majority of Caballeros and the King and / or his grandees. The points are marked on the directory named after the author Kramer bar on the side of the pitch. With the third scoring round ends the game, has won the player, whose marker is advanced to the Kramer bar farthest.


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