El Mundo (Spain)

El Mundo ( Spanish " The world," El Mundo del Siglo long name Veintiuno, "The world of the 21st century " ) is the second largest Spanish daily newspaper with headquarters in Madrid. Until December 22, 1967 there was in Argentina a daily newspaper of the same name. The following regional editions appear every day: Madrid, Barcelona, Baleares, Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Castilla y León, País Vasco, Andalucía, Seville, Malaga and Galicia.

Just as El País has become a symbol of Transición to democracy, the founding of El Mundo applies on 23 October 1989 as a symbol of the crisis of the socialist government. The newspaper exposed numerous scandals surrounding the government, which was one reason for the defeat of the PSOE of Felipe González in the 1996 elections. Following the Madrid cable stops March 11, 2004 El Mundo fell to the determined defense of the theory that the Basque terrorist organization ETA was involved in the attacks. This claim she maintains in various versions until today. The newspaper was therefore often regarded as the mouthpiece of the right wing of the Spanish People's Party.

The newspaper is considered to be conservative. Critics accuse the sheet rogue campaigns (for example regarding an alleged conspiracy of Socialists in connection with the attack in Madrid in 2004 ) before. Again and again offered the sheet prominent Spanish historical revisionists like Pio Moa or César Vidal a forum. In September 2009, an interview with the condemned right-wing extremists and Holocaust denier David Irving solved mark the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, fierce international reactions.

The newspaper is available for free on the Internet with an online edition. The much more extensive compared to the print edition counts website claims to 20 million visits monthly.

In 2006 El Mundo had an average daily circulation of 330 634 copies sold and became second only to El País and the sports newspaper Marca.

El Mundo is one of the Italian publishing group RCS Media Group.