El Prat de Llobregat

El Prat de Llobregat is a city in the comarca of Baix Llobregat in Catalonia, Spain and belongs to the metropolitan area Area Metropolitana de Barcelona. It lies on the right bank of the river delta of the Llobregat, about seven kilometers south of the center of the Catalan capital of Barcelona, and about three kilometers north of the Mediterranean. A quarter of the municipality is occupied by Barcelona Airport. In addition to the airport and extensive commercial and industrial areas, which house parts of the port of Barcelona, ​​the city possesses as a further economic mainstay wide sandy beaches with recreational facilities and campgrounds. The main train station is on the railway line from Barcelona -Valencia, and is served by regional trains and S-Bahn trains of similar Rodalies system in the Barcelona metropolitan area. In addition, the city is multi-station connected to the under construction metro lines L9 and L10 of the Barcelona Metro. The city is famous for their cocks, the blue feet have (in Catalan gall potablava called ).

Patron saints of the city are Sant Cosme and Sant Damià.