El Tiemblo

El Tiemblo is a Spanish municipality in the province of Ávila of Castile -Leon autonomous region.


El Tiemblo located at the eastern end of the Sierra de Gredos and on the banks of the river Alberche, which is dammed at the edge of the village by the lake Pantano del Cura. A few kilometers west of the village there is the much larger Pantano de Burguillo.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring communities of El Tiemblo are Cebreros in the north, Barraco to the west and San Martín de Valdeiglesias in the east.


Early Settlements

Since around 700 BC, the region of Vetonen ( Celts ) was settled. Impressive evidence from this period are the Toros de Guisando ( approximately 2nd century BC), which is about seven kilometers outside the village in the direction of San Martín de Valdeiglesias are. It has been demonstrated by the Visigoths, a settlement of the region. In the locality known as Valdepalomas (about 12 kilometers outside of the village ), 20 graves have been found.

Since the 9th century, it is the first contacts with the Arabs. Place and field names as Alberche and Atalaya still bear witness to the influences of that time.

Middle Ages

Since July 2, 1445 the village is recognized as a municipality (villa). Of particular importance for Spanish history is to regulate the succession to the throne in favor of the later Isabella I of Castile. This ceremony took place on September 18, 1468 at the Toros de Guisando, about five miles outside of town in the direction of Madrid, instead. A plaque commemorates there today to the important history for the Spanish event.


  • Toros de Guisando - four carved granite sculptures bull Celtiberian origin
  • Memorial to the throne of arrangement for the benefit of the later Isabella I of Castile at the aforementioned location.
  • Monastery of Guisando (Spanish Monasterio de Guisando ), it is also close to the aforementioned entities on the slopes of Cerro de Guisando.


The Vuelta a España often leads past the village. For the German cycling of interest was the individual time trial, which led to Avila in 1999 by El Tiemblo and was won by Jan Ullrich. Ullrich won the Vuelta this year.