EL can stand for the following:

Offices or positions:

  • Director of operations
  • Commanding officers in authorities and organizations with security tasks
  • First official country


  • East London (Eastern Cape ), a city in South Africa


  • Developing country
  • Greece ( Hellenic Republic)
  • Luxembourg after the ICAO code
  • Enotna Lista, a political collective movement of the Carinthian Slovenes in the Austrian state of Carinthia
  • European Left


  • Air Nippon, Japanese airline after the IATA code
  • Erie Lackawanna Railroad, a former railway company in the United States


  • First League
  • UEFA Europa League

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  • Ephemerides Liturgicae, literary journal


  • Own performance, business performance, which is not sold to third parties
  • Use doctrine with authorities and organizations with security tasks
  • Electroluminescence, a special form of luminescence
  • Equilibrium level, English for equilibrium level; a parameter in meteorology, important for the development of thunderstorms height
  • Ergänzungslieferung
  • Tablespoon, given in recipes as a unit, with 1 tbsp, ie about 15 ml. See also: Cutlery
  • Expected Loss, English for " expected loss "; a measure of the credit risk
  • Expression Language JavaServer Pages 2.0

EL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Albania: Elbasan district ( discontinued)
  • Germany: Emsland district
  • UK: Chelmsford
  • Norway: vehicles with electric drive
  • Poland: county-level city of Łódź
  • Sweden: Diplomatic Eritrea


El denotes:

  • L, capital letter
  • Л, capital letter
  • El Al, Israel's airline
  • El (God), Syro- Canaanite Welter Schaffer and father of the gods
  • In the Semitic languages, a generic name for God, Elohim, see
  • Driving signal line of railway

El as the name

  • Antwaan Randle El ( born 1979 ), American football player
  • Layla El, British dancer and professional wrestler
  • Mohamed Abdel -El, Egyptian Ringer
  • El Kazovskij (1950-2008), Hungarian artists


El may refer to:

  • The ISO 639 language code of the modern Greek language

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