ELA stands for:

  • Acoustic electric plant or electric speaker system
  • Electro-acoustics and sound technology in general
  • Emergency Liquidity Assistance, an institution of the Euro system affiliated national central banks
  • Ensemble de Lancement Ariane, ELA -1 to 3, launchers of the European space port, see Guiana Space Centre
  • Esperantista Literatura Asocio, Esperanto literature Bund
  • European Logistics Association, the European umbrella organization of national professional organizations of freight forwarding and logistics industry
  • Equilibrium Line Altitude, glaciological technical term, see equilibrium line

ELA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Poland: powiat Łaski in the region of Łódź

Ela, namely:

  • Ela ( 877-876 or 886-885 BC ), King of Israel
  • Jacob Hart Ela (1820-1884), American politician
  • Jean -Marc Ela (1937-2008), Cameroonian liberation theologian and sociologist
  • Ela, amora of the third generation in Palestine
  • Ela ( first name ), female first name of Turkish origin
  • Piz Ela ( 3339 m) is a summit of the Rhaetian Alps
  • Parc Ela, the largest regional nature park in Switzerland

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