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The community association Elbe- Havel -Land was created on 1 January 2010 in the district of Stendal, in Saxony- Anhalt. Since unitary councils may have a maximum of eight member communities with 1,000 inhabitants, there was the same day the following changes:

  • Incorporation of the communities Schönfeld (213 inhabitants) and Wulkau ( 445 inhabitants) whose population increased in the community Kamern, from 678 to 1,336
  • Incorporation of the municipality Neuermark - Luebars (351 inhabitants) in the community Klietz whose population increased from 1,476 to 1,827
  • Incorporation of the municipality Hohengöhren (425 inhabitants) in the community Schönhausen whose population increased from 1,940 to 2,365

The population figures given are based on the date of December 31, 2008.


The municipality is located east of the Elbe partly in Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve in the country Schollene.

Member communities

The community association Elbe- Havel -Land consists of the following six member communities:

  • Kamern
  • Klietz
  • Sandau, City
  • Schollene
  • Schönhausen


Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on January 18, 2010 by the county.

Blazon: " Azure, in front of two humiliated silver wave bars bars a silver stork with black wing feathers and red beak and legs. "

The new municipality has decided to take over the crest of the disbanded governing community Elbe- Havel - country and continue.

The colors of the municipality are silver ( white) - Blue.

The coat of arms was designed by the Magdeburg Kommunalheraldiker Jörg Mantzsch.


The flag is blue - white - blue ( 1:4:1 ) striped ( longitudinal shape: strip running vertically, cross- shape: strips running horizontally ) and centrally occupied with the municipal coat of arms.


Through the association of municipalities leads the federal highway 107 in Schönhausen there is a station on the route of the Berlin- Lehrter railway.