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Elbistan ( Albistan Armenian, Kurdish: Olbiston ) is the capital of the district with a population of 128 267 in the Turkish province of Kahramanmaras. The city is home to many ethnic minorities, including Alevi Kurds ( Sina Mili, Alxasî and ATMI strains). In the 60s and 70s, many citizens of the city and the county have emigrated as guest workers or political persecution in Europe.

The largest town in the district of Elbistan is Demircilik with 1493 inhabitants and its own dialect. Approximately 3,500 people of the village are now living in the second generation abroad or in larger cities of Turkey such as Istanbul or Ankara.


Elbistan lies at an altitude of 1150 m above sea level at Sögütlü Brook, which is a source of Ceyhans, in a wide -watered level. The plain is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. The Şar Dagi with a height of 1300 m is located near the city. In ancient times the city was Arabissos (today Afşin ) center of the plane.


In the Late Bronze Age was Elbistan Lawazantiza as part of Kizzuwatna and was eventually (about 1355-1320 BC) affiliated under Suppiluliuma I. the Great Hittite Empire.

With the decline of the city Arabissos, which was destroyed by the Hamdanids in the 10th century, the importance Elbistans grew in the region. After the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 Elbistan was part of the dominions of the former Byzantine general Philaretus Brachamius that of Germanikeia ( Kahramanmaras ) from trying to hold together the remnants of the empire in the Southwest. Between 1097 and 1105 Elbistan belonged to the Crusaders. Later Elbistan often changed between the Danishmends, the Seljuks of Rum and the Principality of Antioch, until it became in 1201 part of the Seljuk Empire.

1277 suggested here, the Mamluks of Egypt Tschupaniden from Iran devastating. From 1339 Elbistan was the capital of the dynasty of Dulkadir. The city was Elbistan 1400 and 1507 Tamerlane plundered and destroyed by the Iranian Safavids. 1515 the Ottomans conquered Elbistan. Elbistan remained Ottoman until 1923.

Famous people

  • Mahzuni Serif, folk musician
  • Tufan Kıraç, Rock Musician