Elbrewery Co Ltd belonged in the 1990s to the largest brewer in Poland. Since the merger with the Heineken Group Grupa Żywiec SA belonging (2004) it operates only as Browar Elbląg ( Elbing brewery ).


The produced under the brand name EB beer belonged to the late 1990 the most popular beer in Poland.


Founded in 1872 Elbing shares Brewery was only eight years in operation, closed in 1880 and was opened as a brewery English well three weeks later. Already in 1580 they found pure drinking water at the same spot, and in 1641 acquired the Elbląg Mayor Michael Sieffert five and a half acres of land on lease Kulmische the city of Elbing and set up house with a garden area there is a. The source of pure water was called the English well, because it has been discovered by an Englishman in 1580. From this terrain could watch the departing of Elbing ships. The City Council Elbing had arranged for the lease, that the source of drinking water accessible to everyone stay.

After the linen and cotton factory August Komputzki & Co was there a time in operation, closed them. They had discovered that the pure chilled water suited fine for brewing beer and thus it is the brewery in Elbing was built there. On a map of 1910, the brewery was located on the chestnut avenue. This was later renamed Ziesestraße.

The brewery was several times enlarged and modernized. The English fountain - Elblag brewery had thus inscribed railway Bierkühlwagen, was due to the Haffuferbahn and delivered the beer from numerous branches. Due to the fragmentation of West of East Prussia by the Treaty of Versailles it was since 1919/20, no longer possible to deliver by train and it went markets lost. You could catch this through other beverages. Towards the end of World War 2, the operation had to be stopped.

After the 2nd World War and the transition of the area of Poland, the brewery was reopened as a state of Polish operation. Mid-1990s, took over Australian investors the company.