Election Night (film)

  • Ulrich Thomsen: Peter
  • Jens Jørn Spottag: Carl
  • John Martin: Taxi Driver 2
  • Farshad Kholghi: Taxi Driver 3
  • Thomas Milton Walther: Taxi Driver 4
  • Hella Joof: Woman
  • Mikkel Vadsholt: Bartender
  • Nicolas Bro: Man

Election night is an eleven-minute short film by film director Anders Thomas Jensen. Won the 1999 Danish comedy an Oscar in the category Best Short Film.


It's seven forty in a Copenhagen bar. Peter has just ordered a Dos Equis and complains that the two Carlsberg drinking friends are racists, because it occurs to him that he is now choice and he has not yet voted.

In his attempt to reach the polling station, he caught three racist taxi driver so that he ultimately prefer running through the pouring rain, as a further ride with them. He says to be still arrived in time to select and thus comes to the repeated request of the election judge not according to the walk out the door to take to the polling station. In an attempt to soften the dark-skinned woman, he argues, he would still choose for her people what she perceives as a racist remark. A passerby asks if there were problems, and it points to Peter's misconduct, whereupon the passer Peter suggests.

Back in his pub, once ordered beer is stale and Peter ordered a round of Carlsberg.