Electronic instrument cluster

As the instrument cluster (short for combination instrument, English instrument cluster ) is called the instrument cluster of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.), the piecing together of speedometer, odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge, warning lights and direction indicators (blinkers ) there.

During this earlier mechanical displays and subsequently became an electric displays, is today mostly to small computers. With the introduction of microprocessors and microcontrollers were possible ( graphics-capable ) LCD. As the latest display option, the Head -Up Display has been added, which first appeared around 1980 in the cockpit of the aircraft. For a better readability, there are usually still pointer instruments, but these are driven by processor-controlled stepper motors. As a controller, the instrument cluster on the CAN bus of the vehicle is connected ( a historic, now meaningless precursor was the U22C bus, and the K - line is used ). This is done in order to collect the necessary information for the display of the connected control devices such as motor control, anti -lock braking system (ABS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

Additional features that are often taken over by the instrument cluster, are displaying the time - even with DCF77 synchronization, display of outdoor temperature - often associated with ice warning, distance warning with graphic display, trip computer functionality, the speedometer drive to the tachograph, oil level indicator, participation in the implementation of the immobilizer and evaluation of information on engine load and driving distance to alert the driver that an overdue inspection (only the latter in simpler versions). In addition to display and control lights, there are usually also acoustic output options, such as warning beeps or audible feedback of the indicator function. These options vary from one vehicle manufacturer to the next, as well as the equipment variants within a model of simple basic to deluxe version.

Lately, the instrument clusters were expanded by car navigation, multimedia applications and emergency facilities. The development of the instrument cluster is closely connected with the companies in Germany VDO and Robert Bosch, in France. Jaeger with the company, in the United Kingdom with the company Lucas, as well as with the U.S. firm Delphi Corporation, which also has German offices