Elemental Gelade

Erementar Gerad (Japaneseエレメンタル ジェレイド) is a manga series of the Japanese illustrator Mayumi Azuma, which is attributable to the shōnen genre and has also been implemented as an anime series.


Coud van Giruet has already lost as a child, his parents and was taken by air pirates. After a robbery, he finds among the spoils a young girl named Reverie Metherlence, short Ren. This girl is a Edilraid.

Edilraid are physically completely identical to human beings who can merge with humans to these then serve as a weapon. However, the awareness of Edilraid continues to exist, making more of a " League of Struggle " is created as a control. If a unity of the soul and the emotional situation of the people and the Edilraid is created, it is able to sing together Edilraid songs, can develop the tremendous magical powers. If a Edilraid has once united with a human being, this firm partners and Edilraid are unable to merge with another man until his partner died.

When the hijackers are then infiltrated by Arquaile, a Edilraid Protection Agency and prompts them to enter the Edilraid in their care, Couds ship is attacked by a vicious group called Chaos Choir. This will take over the world using the Edilraid itself. After the ship was shot to Coud and Ren embark on the journey to Edilgarten, the country of origin of all Edilraid. They are accompanied by the Arquaile troupe. This consists of KUEA, a Edilraid with constant hunger, Rowen, the human Kueas fighting partner, and Cisqua, the leader of the trio. During their journey, they have adventures, during which a love between Ren and Coud develops.

Finally, Ren is kidnapped against Cisquas consent of Arquaile, she succeeds, however, to free himself and reach the Edilgarten. This is completely devastated and is controlled by Chaos Choir who want Ren to replace the current Queen Eve. But it is possible coud thanks to its attention to free Ren and unite the people and Edilraid again with a powerful harmonieverströmenden Edilraid song.


Erementar Gerad appears in Japan since February 2002 in separate chapters in the manga magazine Comic Blade of the publisher Mag Garden. In December 2009, the final chapter was published. This brings the individual chapters at regular intervals in the form of anthologies out of which 18 have been published.

The manga is translated, among others, as Elemental Gelade into English, French and Spanish. Carlsen Comics laid the anthologies since July 2005, in German. To date, 18 volumes have been published. From Erementar Gerad offshoot - Flag of Blue Sky six volumes have now been published.



From 5 April to 27 September 2005 ran on the Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo, a film adaptation of the manga into an anime television series. The series includes 26 episodes, each about 25 minutes and was produced by the animation studio XEBEC. Directed by Shigeru Ueda, the character design designed Taeko Hori and artistic director Hiromasa Ogura was.

The series was released in English in North America, the UK and Australia, also in France, Russia, the Philippines and Poland.



The music composed by Yuki Kajiura series. The header title is Forever by Savage Genius, the songs on the credits Yakusoku (约束) by Kuroda Michihiro and for the last episode everlasting song ~ japanese edition of FictionJunction ASUKA.

Erementar Gerad - Ao no Senki

Since June 2003, a manga series appears in comic Blade Masamune, a sister magazine of Comic Blade, under the title Erementar Gerad - Ao no Senki ( Erementar STRAIGHT蒼空 の 戦旗- ), which so far includes five anthologies and another operation as Erementar Gerad having. Carlsen Comics released the series in December 2006 under the title Erementar Gerad - Flags of Blue Sky. So far, six volumes have been published in German.

Light Novel

Since August 2005, published in Japan in Mag Garden is designed by the author and illustrator Asaka Mayumi Azuma Shou light novel. The series comprises two volumes so far.


In October 2003, a first Hörpsiel - DC appeared to manga in Japan. In April and September 2005, two more CDs, all published by Victor Entertainment.

Video Games

In Japan, three video games appeared to Erementar Gerad. The first was Erementar Gerad: Matoe, Suifu no Ken, which was released for mobile phone and PlayStation 2 in 2005. In the same year Elemental Gelade followed: Tozasareshi Uta. In 2006, the game Matoe, Suifu no Ken was released by Taito.


Malindy Hetfeld Splash Comics denotes the manga as " a real feast for all role-players and fantasy fans ." The drawings were " stunning and varied, with great SD moments and tense Panels". The characters are designed in detail and the plot offers from the beginning of action and wit. In the course of the story, the quality will remain the same, the characters would further elaborated and so could any reader find his favorite character.