Elena Novikova-Belova

Yelena Belova Dmitrievna (Russian Елена Дмитриевна Белова, born Novikova; born July 28, 1947 in Sovetskaya Gavan ) is a former Soviet foil fencer. She won four gold medals at the Olympic Games.


Yelena Belova Dmitrievna was at the Olympic Summer Games 1968 in Mexico City, then under her birth name Novikova starting her Olympic debut and won two gold medals in singles and with the team. At the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich Belowa could reach the gold medal again with the team. In individual she was in Munich just Fifth. In Montreal at the Summer Olympic Games, in 1976 won for the third time team gold. In individual is Belowa improved and won bronze this time. For the home Games in 1980 she could not win another medal in singles, but reached silver with the team.

She was married in first marriage with the modern pentathlete Vyacheslav Belov. Her second husband, the composer Valery Ivanov, wrote to her in honor of the "Romantic Waltz ". She is currently working as a professor of the Belarusian Academy of Physical Education and Sports.