Eleuthera is an island in the Bahamas, which is located 80 km east of Nassau. It is about 180 km long and in some places less than a kilometer wide. The population is approximately 8,000 (2000 ). The name " Eleuthera " is derived from the feminine form of the Greek word ελεύθερος eleutheros 'free'.

The original inhabitants of arawakischen Taino Indians was largely deported by the Spaniards for the mine work, where the vast majority died in 1550. The islands are considered up to the first European colonization of unoccupied; Puritan pilgrims arrived in 1648 from Bermuda to the island. They gave the island its present name also. Some people believe that Christopher Columbus first of all landed on Eleuthera.

The island was between 1950 and 1980 quite wealthy and attracted many American industrialist, Arthur Vining Davis, for example, Henry John Kaiser, and Juan Tripp. Other famous visitors were also movie stars like Robert De Niro or Prince Charles and Princess Diana pregnant.

Due to the independence of the Bahamas in 1973 all the major resorts and plantations were abandoned and sold to favored by the Government of the Bahamas prospects. Due to the turmoil of the emerging state, however, the new economic endeavors failed.

Unemployment on the island is nearly 80 %, the remaining 20 % work primarily in public areas and in a growing market for secondary residences.

Despite the dire economic condition of the residents are considered to be very cheerful.

Natural beauty are the Glass Window Bridge, Hatchet Bay caves and Surfer's Beach to the north and the Ocean Hole and Lighthouse Beach at the south end. By now you have also found that the island of Eleuthera is one of the winter quarters of the rare Michiganwaldsängers brooding in a small area in the U.S. state of Michigan and one of the birds with one of the smallest continental breeding areas. Currently, more investigations are ongoing with the aim to provide the main wintering areas of this endangered bird species under protection.

Most residents can be found in Governor's Harbour ( the administrative center of the island), Rock Sound, Tarpum Bay (the last fishing village ). Harbour Iceland with its unusual pink sand beaches and Spanish Wells. The island is primarily known for the quality of their pineapple and holds an annual Pineapple Festival in Gregory Town.