Elfriede Mohneke

Elfriede Hildegard Mohneke, born Engeleit, ( born March 2, 1922 in cod, East Prussia, today Dorsze, powiat Ełcki, Poland, † December 11, 1994 in Berlin) was a guard in the concentration camps at Ravensbrück and Uckermark.

Mohneke, a professional housewife, was conscripted in October 1944 by the Labour Office. Then she started on October 12, trained as a guard at Ravensbrück concentration camp, where she was Dorothea Binz assumed. In November 1944, she was transferred to the concentration camp Uckermark to lead a prisoner block there. She stated later that he knew nothing of ill-treatment of prisoners. After three weeks in the camp Uckermark Mohneke returned to Ravensbrück, where she headed the block 13 to 27 April 1945. At this time she was already pregnant by her husband, whom she married in December 1944.

Provided by the British occupying power in court, Mohneke was sentenced on April 26, 1948 for the third Ravensbrück process for involvement in ill-treatment of female citizens in the Allied camp Uckermark to ten years in prison.

The condemned man asked in a petition for clemency to mitigation of punishment. She turned in a inter alia, to have come into the camp Ravensbrück against their will by a service commitment of the Labour Office.

Mohneke was released on June 14, 1952 for good behavior early from prison.