Elihu Emory Jackson

Elihu Emory Jackson ( born November 3, 1837 in Wicomico County, Maryland, † December 27, 1907 in Baltimore, Maryland ) was an American politician (Democratic Party) and 1888-1892 Governor of Maryland.

Early years and political rise

Jackson attended the local schools of his home. Then he ran a general store in the village of Delmar. He also engaged in the grain trade. In this area, its business area extended up to Salisbury, Baltimore and Washington.

Between 1882 and 1883 Jackson MP in the House of Representatives from Maryland and from 1884 until 1886 he was a member of the Senate of Maryland. On 8 November 1887, he was elected governor of his state.

Governor of Maryland

Elihu Jackson began his four-year term on 11 January, 1888. During his tenure, the secret ballot was introduced at elections. A provision for regular monitoring of tobacco farmers was abolished and Foreign companies that worked in Maryland were declared taxable. Governor Jackson had to deal with a scandal in his government, as his finance minister was accused of embezzlement of public funds.

Further CV

Jackson's term of office ended on 13 January 1892. Between 1895 and 1897 he was again a member of the senate of his state. After he retired from politics. Elihu Jackson died on December 27, 1907 in Baltimore. With his wife Nannie Rider he had five children.