Elio de Angelis

Elio de Angelis ( born March 26, 1958 in Rome, † 15 May 1986 as Marseille ) was an Italian racing driver. In Formula 1, he started for Shadow, Lotus and Brabham. De Angelis denied 1979-1986 a total of 108 races and won two Grand Prix.

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At 14, de Angelis began karting in 1975, he took second place at the World Kart Championship behind the Belgian François Goldstein. In 1976, he won the European Kart Championship.

Entry into the single-seater area (1977-1978)

1977 rose de Angelis at the age of 19 years with a chevron Toyota in the Italian Formula 3 Championship in. He already won the third race, at the end of the season he was champion. He also denied three races of the Formula 2 European Championship for Scuderia Everest by Giancarlo Minardi. In 1978 he began the first Formula 2 Championship at the Scuderia Everest, but increased after the sixth race due to the technical inferiority of his team from. He returned to Formula 3, where he won the prestigious Formula 3 race at Monaco.

Formula 1

Shadow ( 1979)

After he had already contested 1978 testing for the Formula 1 team in the Shadow of September, de Angelis got a contract with Shadow for the 1979 season. Was funded out of place from his father, which initially earned him the reputation of a Paydrivers. His only result in the points was the fourth place in the final race, the United States East of the Grand Prix at Watkins Glen.

Lotus (1980-1985)

Thanks to its good performance with the inferior car in the 1979 season offered him Colin Chapman to a contract with Team Lotus for the 1980 season. The best result in his first season with Lotus was the second place in the Grand Prix of Brazil. He joined the world championship with 13 points from seventh. 1981 drove de Angelis in eighth place in the Drivers' Championship with 14 points. In 1982 he won in Austria with a lead of 0.05 seconds on Keke Rosberg his first Grand Prix. With 23 points, he finished ninth in the championship.

In the following season, 1983, the Lotus had too many defects, so he scored with a fifth place in the Grand Prix of Italy, only two world championship points. In 1984, de Angelis third in the world championship with 34 points. Although he succeeded no victory, this was the best Formula 1 season in his career. 1985 de Angelis won his second and last race, the Grand Prix of San Marino. With 33 points, he finished fifth in the World Championship.

Brabham (1986 )

1986 de Angelis got a contract from Bernie Ecclestone at Brabham. The very low-profile Brabham BT 55 proved to be a problematic car. The Monaco Grand Prix was de Angelis's last Formula 1 race.

Fatal Accident

Elio de Angelis was killed on May 15, 1986 test runs for the Brabham team in Le Castellet. An accident cause a fracture of the rear wing at a speed of around 300 km / h in the S- curve " La Verrière " is suspected. An official confirmation of the cause, there was never, however. After several strokes and a contact with the guardrail, the car lay upside down. When Alan Jones stopped at the accident scene, the car was already burning. The ill-equipped Marshalls were not able to extinguish the fire quickly. It took several minutes, until the car was turned over and the fire engines arrived at the accident site. De Angelis should not have been seriously injured, only a broken collarbone was found. Since the tests no rescue helicopter was on the route available, took a long time to de Angelis was hospitalized. He died there of suffocation.


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