Elisa Aguilar

Elisa Aguilar López ( * October 15, 1976 in Madrid) is a Spanish basketball player.

The youngest of four siblings began the basketball games with nine years at the Colegio Amorós. Two years later she moved to Real Canoe NC, where she was nine years on baskets hunting and made ​​his debut at age 16 in the First League.

Then played the 1.72 m wide guard for Halcón Viajes Salamanca and CB Islas Canarias. In the U.S., she was in the meantime four years for the George Washington University in the NCAA and a season for Utah Starzz in the WNBA active. Since 2002 she is the Ros Casares Valencia Spanish side under contract.

The Spanish National Team Elisa Aguilar won each bronze at the 2001 European Championships in France and 2005 in Turkey. Also at the European Championships in Italy in 2007, she stood in the squad and won with her team the silver medal. After winning the title at the European Championships in 2013 she was the same age as their national colleague Amaya Valdemoro her resignation from the " Selección " known.