Elisabeth von Gutmann

Elsa von Gutmann (actually Elizabeth, born January 6, 1875 in Vienna, † September 28, 1947 in Vitznau ) was Princess of Liechtenstein.

She was the daughter of William Isaac, Ritter von Gutmann (1826-1895) and his second wife Ida Wodianer (1847-1924) and was born in 1875 in Vienna. Her father was a Jewish businessman from Moravia, who occupied a leading position on the market of the monarchy with his carbon trading company and was until 1878 ennobled by Emperor Franz Joseph I.. 1891-1892 he was president of the Vienna Jewish Community.

In his first marriage Elsa married in Vienna to the Hungarian baron Géza Erős of Bethlenfalva, who died young on 7 August 1908.

In 1914 she learned about the relief fund for soldiers Franz von Liechtenstein know. Prince Johann II was not befitting to the connection of his brother. On 11 February 1929 Franz followed when Francis I. his unmarried and childless brother John as Prince of Liechtenstein, on 22 July 1929, the marriage took place.

Francis I. and Elsa were the first Liechtenstein royal couple that sought contacts with the Liechtenstein population and the country visited regularly. Elsa made ​​visits to the sick in hospitals, attended public institutions, and presented poor people. By her kindness, she was very popular with the people, the Franz and Elsa Foundation for the Liechtenstein youth still exists today.

After the death of her husband she lived in a house on the Semmering, after the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, they had to go into exile in Switzerland, where he died shortly after the war in Vitznau on Lake Lucerne.

She was the first princess who was buried not in Vranov u Brna, but in the new royal crypt next to the Vaduz cathedral.


  • Centre d' Études of Dynasties Royales Européenes.
  • Princess Elisabeth of Liechtenstein
  • Prince and People
  • Princess ( Liechtenstein )
  • House of Liechtenstein
  • Born 1875
  • Died in 1947
  • Woman