The 3F Ligaen is the highest division in the Danish women's football. It was founded in 1972 and consists of ten teams. It is named after the Danish trade union Fagligt Fælles Forbund (3B ), an organization which - conforms to the German trade union Verdi - roughly.


In the course of a season, each team plays twice against every other team first. This then ends the regular season and the playoffs begin. There are two playoff groups. The championship contest, the first four group, the descent group positions five to ten of the regular season. The points scored in the season will be cut in half at the start of the playoffs (and possibly rounded up). The championship group then plays twice against each team ( six games). The first place winner will win the Danish Championship and qualified with the second- placed (Denmark is among the top 8 leagues UEFA) for UEFA Women's Champions League.

The descent group plays once against each other ( five games), the two last placed relegated to the second league.

Participants 2011/2012

  • IK Skovbakken
  • Brøndby IF ( Master & Cup Winner )
  • Fortuna Hjørring
  • Odense BK
  • Vejle BK
  • Ballerup Skovlunde Fodbold
  • Team Viborg
  • KoldingQ Elite
  • Taastrup FC ( promoted )
  • SønderjyskE ( climber )

Previous champions

Record champions