Elizabeth Coatsworth

Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth ( born May 31, 1893 in Buffalo, † 31 August 1986 ) was an American writer.

Coatsworth was brought along in early childhood by their parents on extended trips. She learned at the age of five years, know the Alps and the Egyptian desert and saw a twelve round the ruins of Aztec monuments in Mexico. By the age of eighteen she attended the Buffalo Seminary, then Vassar College, graduating in 1915 with the degree of Bachelor. At Columbia University, she received a Master degree in 1916. With her mother (the father was deceased in 1912 ) took it around this time a year and a half year journey through China, Korea, Japan and Indonesia, where they visited Buddhist monasteries and temples.

In the 1920s, Coatsworth began her writing career as an author of children's books with The Cat and the Captain. In 1929, she married at the age of 36 years, Henry Beston, author of natural history works, with whom she had two daughters. The family lived in the change in an old house in Hingham, Massachusetts, and on the " Chimney Farm" in Maine. Overall Coatsworth published in the course of their fifty year career as a writer more than 100 books, in addition to picture books, children 's books and books of poetry, short stories, novels and autobiographical works.


  • The Sally novels: Away Goes Sally, 1934
  • Five Bushel Farm, 1939
  • The Fair American, 1940
  • The White Horse, 1942
  • The Wonderful Day, 1946
  • The Enchanted, 1951
  • Silky: An Incredible Tale, 1953
  • Mountain Bride: An Incredible Tale, 1954
  • The White Room, 1958


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