Elleholm is a Swedish island and a village in the municipality of Karlshamn. Previously Elleholm was a Danish city, the city had the rights 1450-1600.

The name of the village is composed of variations of the Danish and Swedish words for alder (el bzw.al ) and medium-sized islet ( holm ).


In the Middle Ages there were Elleholm a greater good that together with a fortified castle belonged to the diocese of Lund. During the Engelbrekt Uprising of 1436 the property of the Archbishop was damaged, so that King Charles VIII replacement payments to these had to judge. Today the estate belongs to the noble Schander.

Around the castle was a small settlement which in 1450 became a city. In 1564 the city was destroyed by Sweden, the city rights were transferred to Sölvesborg. After the reconstruction, we renewed 1584 city rights in 1600 but they went permanently lost.

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