Ellerau [' ɛlə ˌ raʊ ] is a municipality in the south of Schleswig -Holstein. It is close to the north of Hamburg in Quickborn and belongs to the district Segeberg.

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Ellerau is located on the Krumbek, a small stream. The southwestern boundary of the parish is formed by the Gronau, western by the Pinnau. In the north of the district of Ebach flows.

In the center of the Ellerau Krumbek is dammed to some ponds that are located in a small park.

Neighboring municipalities and cities are:

  • Alveslohe in the North
  • Bilsen in the West
  • Quick Born in the south
  • Quick Born- Heath to the southeast and east
  • Norderstedt in the southeast


Ellerau was first documented in 1449. It belonged to the Gut Kaden and was mainly inhabited by serfs. Serfdom was abolished by Christian VII in the Duchy Holstein on January 1, 1805. Then the serfs to tenants or serfs, who were still dependent on good were. The Gutverband 1873 dissolved and the Elle Rough farmers were able to purchase their land.

After the end of World War II Ellerau grew mainly by influx of refugees and later commuters of 550 inhabitants to its present size.

Until 1998 Ellerau belonged to the church office cold country. After leaving the office, the municipality had its own management with a full-time mayor. As part of the reform of administrative structures Ellerau forms since 1 January 2007, an administrative community with the city of Norderstedt.


Since the local elections of 2013, the municipal council is composed by overhang mandates of 24 members. The SPD has seven, the two CDU, the FDP one, voters Community BVE nine, the voter community AE and three voters Community Contact 2 seats.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In a gold diagonally left blue wave bar, accompanied by two black alder branches with green leaves and black kitten (upper branch ) or black pin (lower branch ), the upper branch to the left, the bottom turned to the right. "

Historical Reason: The name Ellerau means " river in the alders ". This word interpretation determines the image content of the arms, the will so bring the place name " talking " to express. In addition, the branches symbolize the numerous alder groves in the municipality and the wave beam, the small in this present, opening into the Pinnau Au, both of which have already determined the place name. Probably in earlier times part of Meier same court, Ellerau belonged until 1867 to the Gut Kaden. After that it became an independent municipality. 1928, the resolution Gutsbezirk Kaden not this church but the neighboring Alveslohe was incorporated.


On yellow, top and bottom limited by a blue stripe bunting, the upper branch of the municipal coat of arms alder, but with green wooden parts and inflorescences, forward, in the middle of the leech, suspended.


Since 1979 there is a partnership between the community and Ellerau Højer (German Hoyer ) in Denmark. After a municipal reform in 2007 Højer has risen in the United Tønder Kommune. To maintain the vitality of the partnership, the friendship Ellerau - Højer was founded in 2010.



Ellerau has a railway station and a breakpoint on the line of the AKN A1, from which one can drive in 39 to 47 minute drive from Hamburg Central Station. The motorway exit N ° 21 is only five minutes away ( A 7). There is also a bus service to Norderstedt and to Quickborn.

Established businesses

There are several commercial areas numerous commercial and business establishments. The big factories are now no longer present in Ellerau. Including the plastic factory " Devalit " which produced until 1994 for the automotive industry. From 1946 to 1989, women's fashion factory " Arthur Erlhoff ", which was under the label " alder zf " known throughout Europe, the economic heart of yard outside. After the bankruptcy in 1989, the factory was bought at the entrance of the fashion company Jil Sander AG. In early 2006, this last big factory was closed because the new owner moved the Prada textile production to Italy. In July 2007 was a partial demolition of the textile factory. On the site of a local shopping center was opened in May and August 2008.

In the late 1990s, the newly created industrial area Ellerau -east, a mix of industries in the craft and the industry has settled. Due to its proximity to the highway 7 and the competitive price for commercial space, the commercial area Ellerau - East has developed into a business location especially for entrepreneurs.

The largest company is currently the consulting company " agens consulting" with about 120 employees.