Ellerbek is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein. The municipality consists of the two parts Ellerbek Village (also called Old Village ) and New Ellerbek.

Geography and transport

Ellerbek borders east of Hamburg -Schnelsen and Bönningstedt, south and west of Rellingen, north of Tangstedt. Moorgraben, Mühlenau and Beek flow through the community. Beek and Mühlenau had been channeled in the 1970s and provided with weirs for water level regulation. In the course of renaturation barrages have been replaced by Sohlgleiten to restore the Fischgängigkeit the waters on Ellerbeker area.


The district Ellerbek village was the original core of settlement with farms, local government and first school. The district of New Ellerbek emerged after 1945 as a refugee settlement. While the village until the 1980s retained a rural, dominated by farms and nurseries character, New Ellerbek was a newly built complex with single-family buildings and commercial settlement.


Of the 17 seats in the municipal council, the CDU has been the municipal election 2008, seven seats, the FDP and the SPD six four seats.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In gold, an upright green alder branch with five leaves over blue wave beams in the sign. "

Culture and sights


The TSV Ellerbek gained a certain reputation for its handball teams. Around 30 Handball Teams TSV Ellerbek reported in the operating point of the game, especially the youth of the club has been very successful for years.

In addition to handball and table tennis ( formerly SG Ellerbek - Halstenbek ) offered, volleyball, swimming and many courses.

The tennis club Ellerbek was founded in 1966 and has around 350 members. The tennis facility with original two clay courts was extended to eight places until 1981. In May 2012, a certified German Tennischule opened the TC Ellerbek.