Ellingshausen is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Frankish dominated the south of Thuringia.

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Ellingshausen is in the lower right side of the Haseltal hazel, a right tributary of the River Werra, about five kilometers east of the county town of Meiningen. Between the two places rises with the Haute Meuse up to a 499 m high mountain range. The municipality belongs to the administrative community Dolmar salt bridge, which has its administrative headquarters in Schwarza.


For the first time the church was mentioned as Eigilgereshusen in a charter of the monastery of Fulda in 923. In the Middle Ages it was a fief of the Counts of Henneberg. The place originally belonged to the Bailiwick of Henneberg ( later Office Maßfeld ) the county of Henneberg - Schleusingen. He was awarded in 1350 to the Lords of Herda and since then the Office Maßfeld alienated after the Bailiwick of jurisdiction was transferred to the village of noble lords. The castle was often pledged in the subsequent period and also sold. Several owners were there: The Lords of Schaumberg, of Wechmar of meusa, Herda and Bose. The latter built around the castle. The reconstruction was completed in 1804. The plant is partially empty now in need of renovation.

Ellingshausen 1597-1623 was affected by witch hunts: Five people were indicted in witch trials, four were executed by a process, the output is unknown. The first victim in 1597 was Catharina Ritz.

Ellingshausen belonged from 1680 to the Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen and since 1920 to the state of Thuringia.


Parish council

The council consisted of six CDU members. (As at municipal election on June 27, 2004)


The honorary mayor Tom Gillis was elected on 27 June 2004.

Economy and infrastructure


Locally, the Federal Highway 71 and the railroad Neudietendorf - Ritschenhausen lead past. The nearest motorway junction is four kilometers away, junction Meiningen -south. At two kilometers south railway station Grimmenthal the railway lines Eisenach -Meiningen -Sonnenberg ( Werrabahn ) and Erfurt -Schweinfurt meet.