Elliot Lawrence

Elliot Lawrence ( Elliott Lawrence Broza, born February 14, 1925 in Philadelphia / Pennsylvania) is an American jazz pianist and band leader and composer and conductor of film scores.


The son of the broadcasting pioneer Stan Lee Broza formed his first band while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, he worked as musical director for the radio station WCAU in Philadelphia; its broadcasts were eventually adopted system for nationwide broadcast by Columbia Broadcasting. By 1946, he had an engagement with his orchestra in New York's Hotel Pennsylvania; the great success led to appearances at Frank Dailey 's Meadowbrook in Cedar Grove (New Jersey), the Paramount Theatre in New York, the Sherman Hotel in Chicago and the Palladium in Hollywood and at numerous college tours. In 1947 he had the title Near You, a cover version of the song by Francis Craig his only Top Ten Hit.Erste mid-1950s was the popularity of his orchestra after gradually until it finally disbanded; but he played until 1960 with his own bands for labels such as Columbia and Decca numerous record a. After that he worked as a composer, arranger and musical director for about thirty films and numerous theater productions on Broadway. Twice (1961 and 1962 ) he was for the Tony Award nominated for Best Conductor and Musical Director, 1962, he could win it.