Elmo Hope

(Called " Mo" ) St. Elmo Sylvester Hope ( * June 27, 1923 in New York City; † May 19, 1967 ) was an American jazz pianist.

Life and work

Elmo Hope grew up in New York, learned early piano and won several awards with solo presentations. Bud Powell was a childhood friend of his; both spent a lot of time listening to classical records. Hope took a few years with the rhythm and blues band from Joe Morris on tour also played in the Philly Joe Jones, and worked from 1953 with Sonny Rollins, Clifford Brown ( Memorial Album 1953), Lou Donaldson and Jackie McLean. In 1957 he played with Chet Baker and moved after he lost his permission to play due to drug abuse, to Los Angeles. He has performed with Lionel Hampton and has participated in panels of Harold Land and Curtis Counce with. He also took on himself with Frank Foster, John Coltrane, Hank Mobley, Art Blakey, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones. After New York, he returned back in 1961, but now had fewer opportunities to perform. In the same year he took a Duoplatte with Bertha Hope, his wife, on.

The bebop and hard bop mainly playing Hope is considered very personal stylist. Pianists Frank Hewitt or Sacha Perry have emphasized its influence on their game. His compositions have led some fans and critics such as David H. Rosenthal to place him on the same level as Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and Herbie Nichols.

Disco Graphical Notes

  • Trio and Quintet ( Blue Note Records, 1953-57 ) with Stu Williamson, Harold Land, Frank Foster, Percy Heath, Leroy Vinnegar, Frank Butler, Philly Joe Jones
  • Meditation ( OJC, 1958) with John Ore, Willie Jones
  • All Star Sessions ( OJC, 1956 to 1961 ) with Donald Byrd, Blue Mitchell, John Coltrane, Jimmy Heath, Hank Mobley, Percy Heath
  • Plays his Original Compositions ( Fresh Sound Records, 1961) with Paul Chambers, Butch Warren, Granville Hogan, Philly Joe Jones
  • Homecoming! ( Riverside / OJC, 1961) with Blue Mitchell, Jimmy Heath, Frank Foster, Percy Heath, Philly Joe Jones
  • Hope -ful ( OJC, 1961) with Bertha Hope
  • The Final Sessions ( Evidence, 1966), John Ore, Clifford Jarvis, Philly Joe Jones