Elmore (automobile)

The Elmore Manufacturing Company was an American automobile manufacturer that was established from 1899 to 1912 in Clyde (Ohio ). Your name, the company had from the nearby town of Elmore (Ohio ), where the first production plants. Company founders were the brothers James and Burton Becker, who first built up in the timber mill her father's bicycle production and then built automobiles. Elmore equipped its vehicles with two-stroke engines; mostly it was a series or two-cylinder engines, later four cylinder engines in series three-and - also.

The smallest model in 1903 was the Elmore Convertible Runabout. The four-seater tonneau cost only U.S. $ 650, - with which he was one of the cheapest cars on the market. The built- lying single-cylinder engine in the middle of the car made ​​6.5 hp ( 4.8 kW ) and his force was routed through a two-speed planetary transmission to the rear wheels. The car weighed 476 kg.

The closest car was the Elmore runabout. He offered only room for two passengers and cost $ 800, -. The built- standing two-cylinder engine was also sitting in the middle of the vehicle and made 8 hp ( 5.9 kW). It was built a three-speed gearbox. The car with angle iron frame weighed 635 kg.

The top model was the Elmore Tonneau. He had four seats and was for U.S. $ 1,400 - to have. The front horizontally installed two-cylinder engine delivered 12 bhp ( 8.8 kW ) and was also associated with a three-speed gearbox. This car had a frame made of angle iron and weighed 680 kg.

In 1907 Elmore 400 automobiles in America, the best result in the company. 1908 aroused the three-cylinder two -stroke Elmore attention of William C. Durant, founder of General Motors. He bought the company in the following year for $ 500,000, - and so on Elmore was a brand of General Motors. After Durant was forced to leave in 1910 General Motors, it was soon established the Elmore brand, as well as some other less powerful brands. This should give General Motors financial stability.