Elroy (Wisconsin)

Juneau County


Elroy is a small town ( with a status of "City" ) in Juneau County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. In 2010, Elroy had 1442 inhabitants.


Elroy is located in southwest Wisconsin's center on both sides of the Baraboo River, heard about the Wisconsin River to the basin of the Mississippi.

The geographical coordinates are 43 ° 44'27 Elroy " north latitude and 90 ° 16'20 " west longitude. The city covers an area of 5.13 km ². The town of Elroy is surrounded on the west, north and east of the Town of Plymouth and the south by the Town of Wonewoc, but heard none of it.

Neighboring towns of Elroy are Hustler (18,3 km to the north ), New Lisbon (20,1 km north-northeast ), Mauston (20 km east-northeast ), Union Center (6.3 km south), Hillsboro (14,7 km southwest) and Kendall (10 km north-west ).

The nearest major cities are Green Bay on Lake Michigan (238 km east-northeast ), Wisconsin's largest city, Milwaukee (245 km east-southeast ), Wisconsin's capital Madison (127 km south-east ), La Crosse ( 93.1 km west ) and Eau Claire (171 km north-west ).


In the center of the Elroy Wisconsin State Routes take 71, 80 and 82 together. All other roads are minor roads, some unpaved roadways and within local roads.

Meet in the center of Elroy on the routes of two former railways with the Elroy - Sparta State Trail and the 400 State Trail Rail Trails two for walkers and cyclists together. In the winter the trails can be traveled with snowmobiles.

By Elroy Municipal Airport is located 4.2 km south of a small airfield. The next airports are the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison (132 km southwest) and the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee (256 km east-southeast ).


1851 settled the first white men to the site of the present city. 1872 was the place connected to the railway network, which the population increased significantly. In 1879 the settlement was incorporated as a Village of Elroy. The survey on the "City" took place in 1885.


According to the census in 2010 lived in Elroy 1442 people in 590 households. The population density was 281.1 inhabitants per square kilometer. In the 590 households lived statistically 2.32 per person.

The racial the population was composed of 96.8 percent white, 0.3 percent African American, 0.8 percent Native American, 0.2 percent Asian and 0.3 percent from other ethnic groups; 1.6 percent were descended from two or more races. Regardless of ethnicity, 2.2 percent of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

22.5 percent of the population were under 18 years old, 58.1 percent were between 18 and 64 and 19.4 percent were 65 years or older. 51.8 percent of the population was female.

The median annual income for a household was $ 36,989. The per capita income was $ 18,202. 16.9 percent of the population lived below the poverty line.

Memorable people

  • Tommy Thompson ( b. 1941 ) - 42nd Governor of Wisconsin ( 2001-2005) - Born and raised in Elroy