The Elsey National Park is a 138 square kilometer National Park in the north of the Northern Territory, Australia.


The park is located about 380 kilometers southwest of Darwin near Mataranka. Access to the park one has from the Stuart Highway. The branch directly in Mataranka leads to the Bitter Springs. One and a half kilometers to the south can be reached via Homestead Road the main part of the park.

National park

Much of the park is dominated by the Roper River and the variety of sources from which it is fed. In the dry season it flows slowly through large waterholes, which are separated by tuff levels. During the rainy season, however, the Roper River swells into a raging torrent.

The main attractions are the two hot springs mineral pool and Rainbow Spring. 34 ° C hot spring water from the ground, every day more than 30 million liters, feed the two basins.

Animal and plant life

Total so far 269 native animal species were found in the park, including 155 species of birds, 32 mammals, 51 reptiles, 15 amphibians and 16 species of fish.

Three of these species are considered to be threatened: for the park have been recorded: the fox hawk, the Wammentrappe and Leichhardt's sawfish.

Also noteworthy is the occurrence of the black flying fox and the little red flying fox. The latter forms the National Park colonies of up to 500,000 individuals; special importance of this, the area around the Mataranka pool.

In addition, 371 native plant species have been recorded. The park is home to several species with a limited distribution area including the subspecies Livistona mariae ssp. rigida the Livistonapalme.


The best time to visit the National Park is the period from May to September. He offers has warm, crystal-clear lakes for swimmers, care must be taken outside the dry season, salt water crocodiles. On long stretches of river canoeing and fishing is possible. The landscape and hiking trails lead to historic sites. Due to weather conditions, especially during the rainy season, the accessibility of areas in the park may be limited.