Elsoff (river)

Elsoffbach in Alertshausen with hist stone arch bridge



The Elsoff is a confluence of boys Kirchenbach and Schopp water. In the so-called Streitwald around 800 m altitude multiple source streams spring from the combine for boys Kirchenbach. The Schopp water has its source east of Wunderthausen in a tributary. In the center of the village Wunderthausen the two streams unite. From here the water is called now Elsoff.


The Elsoff flows by origin mostly in southern direction. From the southern exit of Wunderthausen to about 3.5 km in the further course of the Elsoff forms the border between the states of North Rhine -Westphalia and Hesse.

Middle reaches

A special feature of this in the village Diedenshausen dar. Here Elsoff divides an entire village. The main part of Diedenhausen is on Westphalian area; the settlement Seibel Bach is located, as part of the community Bromskirchen on Hessian territory.


Further downstream, passing the Elsoff the village Alertshausen. After about 14 km, the Elsoff flows through the village of the same. Halfway up the town and the village of Hatzfeld Beddelhausen, below the settlement impact the Elsoff opens into the Eder.

Main tributaries

L = left -sided; r = right side

  • Boys Kirchbach (r )
  • Schopp water (l)
  • Oak Brook (r )
  • Horse Bach ( r)
  • Island Bach ( l)
  • Schwarzenbach ( r)
  • Binsbach ( l)
  • Brosbach (R)
  • Mennerbach with Freielsbach (r )
  • Homelessness Erbach ( l)
  • Shower Dahl ( l)