Elvin Bishop

Elvin Bishop ( born October 21, 1942 in Glendale, California ) is a blues rock vocalist and guitarist.


Bishop spent the first years of his life on a farm in Iowa, without electricity or running water. Age of ten he moved with his family to Oklahoma, where he grew up in an environment with only white people, so he got to hear little from black music. One day he found out about the radio on Jimmy Reed's harmonica playing. However, since he had no connection to the black blues scene, it took some time until he discovered this music for themselves.

In 1959 he moved to Chicago to attend the university. He made friends quickly with some blacks and soon found himself in the middle of the blues scene in Chicago. Two years later, learned Bishop Smokey Smothers know who taught him to play blues guitar. In the early 60s he became friends with Paul Butterfield. Bishop and Butterfield soon began to appear together in public. After they had accepted a job in 1963 in the North Side of Chicago, they were locally famous. The real success continued in 1965 with the Butterfield Blues band. Bishop can be heard on all early BBB albums until 1968, the band returned back. He moved to San Francisco, where he, among others, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and BB King played.

In 1969, he then founded the Elvin Bishop Group. In the same year appeared the band's debut album, The Elvin Bishop Group, followed by Feel It! (1970) and Rock My Soul (1972). In 1974 appeared the album Let It Flow, with its single Traveling Shoes was the first band in the charts. After the 75er production Juke Joint Jump released their album Struttin ' My Stuff in the same year. The 1976 Single Fooled Around and Fell in Love from this album made ​​the breakthrough in the higher regions of the charts. On the 1977 album Raisin 'Hell one of the most well-attended live concerts of the band is held. After Hog Heaven (1978 ) Is You Is or Is You Is not My Baby ( 1981) and a Best Of - plate from 1979, the band finally broke up.

It was not until 1988, Bishop filed with the album Big Fun back on Alligator Records. This was followed by Do not Let the Bossman Get You Down (1991 ), Ace in the Hole (1995), The Skin I'm In (1998 ) Home Town Boy Makes Good ( 1999), the live albums That 's My Partner! (2000), King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents in Concert (2001) and From the Front Row: Live (2003), and finally Party Till the Cows Come Home (2004) and Gettin ' My Groove Back ( 2005). 1995 Bishop was with B.B. King went on tour and he worked through the ages as well as studio musicians, including John Lee Hooker and Clifton Chenier.


Guest appearances (selection)


  • From the Front Row - King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents In Concert (2001)