Elzach is a city in Baden- Württemberg, about 26 kilometers north-east of Freiburg im Breisgau.

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The city is located on the eastern edge Elzach the circular area of the district Emmendingen and meets there with the Ortenaukreis and the Schwarzwald- Baar-Kreis. Topographically, the region is characterized by its location in the valley of the Elz to the mountain Rohrhardsberg around. It belongs to the Breisgau, at the edge of the Black Forest Nature Park.


Elzach consists of the districts Elzach, Prechtal, Oberprechtal, Yach and Katzenmoos.

  • For district Elzach owns the city Elzach.
  • For district Katzenmoos include the village Katzenmoos, the hamlet Unter tip Bach and Weinersberg, the tines Friedlinsbach, Halden, Hallerberg and Vitenloch, the courtyards Moserberg, Roßfedern and stone mill and the living spaces stretching Bach, Morning Mountain and Stone Mountain.
  • For Oberprechtal district includes the villages Oberprechtal and village, the hamlet Before Witten Bach, the tines Lampert Bach, the courtyards Hänsles, Michele and Schüßelebauern, Hinterprechtal, In the ground water and land and the dwelling-place in the hole.
  • For district Prechtal (partly to Biederbach ), Heather Acker ( partly to Biederbach ) Leimental and Unterprechtal, the courtyards Herni includes the hamlets of Haste, F # (ß) night and Ladhof, the tines Bachere (partly to Biederbach ) Frischnau (partly to Biederbach ), Hernishof, Kud (tt) ershof, Reichenbach, chateau ( castle builders), and Schrahöfe Wellishöfe and residential places Old dumps, soil Häusle, Funi, Gustlet, Lürenberg, New Halden, ride arable and Zinkle ( Dorershof ).
  • For Yach district includes the village of village, the hamlet cover Bach, the tines smoke fundamental, the courts Farnrain and Untertal, Rear tines and tine Front and residential places Fischer Dobel, Gobert, place Häusle and Wüst hole. In Prechtal district is the Outbound ( or renamed ) Town Heimburgerhof.

In the districts except the district Elzach villages within the meaning of Baden-Württemberg municipal code, each with its own Ortschaftsrat, mayor as its chairman and each with its own administrative bodies are set up.


Elzach was first mentioned on August 5, 1178. It was under from the 13th century, the lords of Black Mountain, which gave him in 1290 the city rights. Had heard After Elzach long for Swabian kingdom Circle (1512-1805), it came in 1805 with the Grand Duchy of Baden. Until 1819 it became the seat of a Baden district office.

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The present city Elzach was formed on 1 January 1975 by combining the city and the communities Oberprechtal Elzach and Prechtal. The community Oberprechtal was only on 1 January 1964 separation of nine living quarters from the community Prechtal. The community Katzenmoos was incorporated into Elzach Already on 1 January 1974. The community Yach was incorporated on 1 July 1974.



Yach ( about 1000 inhabitants) is located at the foot of Rohrhardsberg mountain, in a tributary of the upper Elztales. In Yach of seven rocks, a meter-high stone structures are the seemingly consists of seven overlapping stones. Its origin is ultimately unclear.

Yach is the only place in Germany whose name begins with the letter " Y". The inhabitants of Elztales pronounce the name as " calibration " from. Therefore, a name relationship is probably with the Eyachtal in the northern Black Forest.


Prechtal is the most populous city after city core Elzach with about 2000 inhabitants. His roll-call origin has probably "broken" through the course of the river Elz, which makes a bend in the former district of Oberprechtal Prechtal. Prechtal is characterized by a densely woven network club for young and old. So there are different clubs for sports and leisure, with the RVC Prechtal particularly excelled through participation in national championships at youth level, as well as a team in the 2nd Bundesliga and a year in the 1st Bundesliga in Vereinsradball.

Popularly Prechtal is pronounced " Prächt " is therefore a saying: ". Prächt In isch everything right "


Oberprechtal has around 1070 inhabitants. Since the beginning of the 10th century nearly all of the Elz Valley belonged to the monastery Waldkirch, a foundation of the Alemanni Duke Burchard II. Protection In a letter, the Pope Alexander III. exhibited in 1178 for the Monastery of St. Margaret in Waldkirch, the Prechtal first mentioned as Meiertum " Bregen ".

In other documents of the Middle Ages, the village is also found under the name of frailty, sickness, Brecht and Precht. The name can not exactly explain it, but probably comes, therefore, as the first north -flowing river Elz is clearly broken in today's Oberprechtal and the river now runs further to the southwest.


1341 appears the name Kozzenmuos the first time. Probably mining was carried out in the area. Testify to it pinging and old mining dumps. In the 16th century it is then called Kotzenmoß. Until the local government reform of 1974 Katzenmoos was an independent municipality.


Parish council

The municipal election held on 7 June 2009 resulted in a turnout of 59.0 % ( 0.4 ) to the following result:

Coat of arms

The blazon of the coat of arms Elzach reads: " split plate in front of the green hl. Nicholas in a silver robe with red, silberbordierter Mitra, the silver crosier in his right hand, a red book with three golden balls lying on it in his left hand holding, back in silver a floating black triple mount. "

For the first time the city and church patron St. Nicholas is used on a hanging on a document of the 1315 municipal seal. The black three- mountain in the crest is due to the domination of Schwarzenberg. On the basis of the seal from 1315 the General State Archives made ​​in 1895 a coat of arms for Elzach. A short time later, however, proved that the seal, so carefully it was also engraved and so clean, it was held, could never deliver significant footprints, because the coat of arms was too cluttered and thus did not allow for precise engraving.

The current coat of arms was simplified by resolution of the Municipal Elzach and with deed of the Interior Ministry of Baden- Württemberg in 1968 to today's current coat of arms. The coat of arms colors are held so that it colors the city adopted in 1948 " White - Green " (Silver - Green) can be derived according to the heraldic rule. This colors of the rear panel are the coat of arms coat of arms of the lords of Schwarzenberg removed.


Elzach maintains partnerships with the Austrian Telfs, the French Canton de Villé, the British Worthing and the Turkish Demre.

Economy and infrastructure

Even today, commercial and trade brisk. In addition to butchers, bakeries, carpentry factories, farms of the services sector and numerous retail stores, there are still professions that are not present in other cities and towns, such as a linen mill, a wood turning and a rope factory. Since 1606 there is the Town Mill.

The city is Elzach with 750 acres of the largest forest owner of the community in which naturally the wood processing is well represented by the sawmills to wood carvers. Gemstone, slaughterhouses and textiles can be found as well as glass, jewelery and metalwork.

Historically important was in Elzach - as in the whole Elztalhotel - the textile industry, no more of the present, however, for several years.

In services, the clinic operations deserve special mention. The city Elzach has a leading rehabilitation in Germany Department of Neurology, the BDH -Klinik Elzach with a wide range of services.

Elzach and the district of Oberprechtal were rated health resort, which the community has brought a lively tourism.


( - Denzlingen - Waldkirch - Elzach Freiburg) In Elzach the terminus of the Elz Valley Railway is located. On the route now runs the Breisgau- S-Bahn.

Since October 2012, bypassing the city center - through the village leads the federal highway 294 ( Freiburg im Breisgau Bretten ).

Culture and sights


In the Old Town Hall now houses the local museum.


St. Nicholas with the Old Palace

Nine Linde chapel above the city

Regular events

How many places can be observed also in Elzach an active club life. Particularly noteworthy is the widely nationally known, traditional Elzach carnival with its main character the Elzach Schuttig. In addition to the fools guilds from Rottweil, Oberndorf and Überlingen the Elzach Narrenzunft belongs to the so-called four fret. The Schuttig is a representation of the wild man. Typical of the Schuttig are the Saublodere ( = pig bladders ) of the By - snail shells - Occupied tricorn, as well as the hard, malicious appearance of the figure.


The SF Elzach- Yach currently plays in the National League Season 2 of South Baden Football Association ( SBFV ). 2012/13 we won there the 7th Place.

The Yacht Club unit Ergenbach sailing since establishment in 2004 several regattas in the amateur (Bodensee, Lake Chiemsee, Baltic Sea).

Sons and daughters of the town