EMadlangeni Local Municipality

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EMadlangeni (formerly Utrecht, English eMadlangeni Local Municipality ) is a town in South Africa's District Amajuba in KwaZulu -Natal. The administrative center of the municipality is located in Utrecht. Chris Mabaso is the mayor. The IFP represents the majority in the City Council.

The municipality covers an area of ​​3539 square kilometers. 2007, the municipality had 23 263 inhabitants according to projections.


EMadlangeni is in the northwest of KwaZulu-Natal. In the north the municipality borders the province of Mpumalanga and on the east by eDumbe and abaQulusi in the district of Zululand. South of the village are Nquthu and Endumeni in the district Umzinyathi and east are Dannhauser and Newcastle. The western boundary of the community is determined by the Buffalo River and part of the western border is the Blood River. The Slang River, Pongola and Bivane arise in eMadlangeni. The municipal area also arise from many other small rivers. The main streets in the town are the R33 and R34. The N11 leads west past the church, and is accessible via the R34. By area, eMadlangeni is the largest municipality in the district, but only about 6 percent of the district 's population, of which about 10 percent live in urban areas. Places in the community are Utrecht, Groenvlei and Kingsley.


The most important economic sector of the community is agriculture. Above all cattle breeding. The district is the most important wool supplier of KwaZulu-Natal. For agriculture, the country is almost too dry and little arable land is irrigated. Another economic factor of the municipality is tourism. In addition to two game reserves ( together 2,500 hectares ), there are several good opportunities for trout fishing. For other industries, there are few trained workers. About 50 percent of households in the community have no income.


  • Balele Game Park
  • Utrecht Community Game Farm