Emagic was a significant independent manufacturer of hardware and software for music production, based in Rellingen near Hamburg.

Emagic Soft -und Hardware GmbH was founded in September 1992 by Sven Young (Managing Director), who was then called Kindel, Chris Adam ( Director of Development ) and Gerhard Lengeling ( Development Manager ). Previously Lengeling and Adam had the company C- LAB programs Score track and Super Track for the Commodore 64 developed and then Creator and Notator SL for the Atari ST. Under the new company they brought 1993 Notator Logic for Atari ST and Mac out later for Microsoft Windows. The product name was eventually shortened to Logic.

In 1994, the American subsidiary Emagic Inc. was founded in Grass Valley ( California).

On 1 July 2002 Emagic was acquired by Apple Computer. The development of the product versions for Microsoft Windows was halted briefly after that. Since Logic is continued only for the Apple Macintosh. The hardware development was almost abandoned. Almost all offered software tools have been integrated directly into Logic, thereby reducing the number of software products drastically reduced to Logic Pro and Logic Express for professional users for users who do not need all the professional features. As of version 7 (2004), the brand name Emagic has been replaced by Apple. Both program versions are compatible with GarageBand, Apple's music software for beginners.


At the height of Emagic employed more than 90 employees, of whom about a third of highly qualified engineers. Some key figures were:

  • Michael Haydn, who had already developed for C -LAB Editor / Librarian software (Explorer 32, PolyFrame ). He followed Lengeling and Adam and the affiliated PolyFrame - development team and was responsible for Emagic Sound Diver surfers and sound.
  • The DSP expert Steffan Diedrichsen has developed practically all Logic plug -ins since 1998, as well as the software synthesizer ES1 and the electric piano EVP88 that were initially also sold individually.
  • Under the auspices of sales experts Ruthven Martin and John F. Voss, the company grew rapidly into a solid and important player in the international music industry before it was acquired by Apple Inc.. Richard Moisan led the subsidiary Emagic Incorporated in the United States of America; Nicholas Brocke was marketing director.

After the takeover by Richard Moisan Apple, Ruthven Martin and John F. Voss were part of the team commissioned by Apple Inc. management for the integration of Emagic GmbH and Emagic Inc. in the company Apple.

Known products

  • Logic Fun, Logic Audio (Pro ISIS), Silver Logic, Logic Gold, Platinum Logic (sequencer )
  • EXS24 mk II (Sampler )
  • ES1, ES2 ( synthesizer)
  • EVP88 ( electric piano )
  • EVB3 ( Hammond organ )
  • EVD6 (Hohner Clavinet - )
  • EVOC20 (Vocoder )
  • Sound Surfer / Sound Diver (Universal MIDI Sound Editor / Librarian )
  • WaveBurner Pro ( CD-Burning and Mastering Software )
  • Audiowerk ( PCI audio card)
  • A26, A62 m (USB Audio-/MIDI-Interfaces )
  • Unitor8, AMT8, MT4 ( MIDI-Interfaces/Patchbays )