Emanuel Biancucchi

Biancucchi in training, 2009

Emanuel Adrián Biancucchi Cudiccini ( born July 28, 1988 in Rosario ) is an Argentine footballer who also has Italian citizenship. Since January 2013 he is with Olimpia Asunción under contract.


Biancucchi began comparatively late to play soccer at the club. Only at the age of 18 he joined the CA Newell 's Old Boys. In the summer of 2008, representatives of the German second division club TSV 1860 Munich were aware of him, and brought Biancucchi to the Grünwalder street in the Isar city. He was provided there for the U23 in the Regionalliga Süd. According to DFB statute no foreigners allowed to be used there, however, their home country does not belong to the EU. However Biancucchi has Italian ancestors, and so he applied for an Italian passport with which he would be eligible to play for the U23. He went as well as the club officials believe that it was a mere formality of the issuance of the passport.

During the winter break of the season 2008/ 09 he had the Italian passport but not yet received, so he had not yet been used. In preparing for the second round, he played eight games for the U23, but for his first competitive match did not even use it in the second half. Instead, he trained again with even with the pros, where he would have been eligible to play without Italian passport. After the season he was first used by the professionals, even though they constituted only a friendly. In the summer of preparation, he came in several test games the U23 used.

On the first day of the new Regionalliga season Biancucchi finally came to his first competitive game use for the small lions. Has been made possible this was by special permission of the SFV and BFV. After this first application on 7 August 2009 against Hessen Kassel he also came two weeks later in the game against the second team of the 1st FC Nuremberg used. After him, however, the DFB withdrew the special permission again. As he continued to wait for the exhibition of his Italian passport, since he had again no eligibility for the U23.

After he trained exclusively with the pros of 1860 and was used in the following weeks in three Test matches. After he had listened to the extended squad playing in St. Pauli for the first time, he was in the next league game on October 17, 2009, his debut in professional football, he stood against MSV Duisburg in the grid.

Biancucchi usually plays as an attacking midfielder, he is the " 10 " position as his favorite position. Early October 2009, certified him coach Ewald Lienen one hand, a particularly good ball control and the ability to play deadly passes, on the other hand a susceptibility to fatal turnovers.

In summer 2010 he extended his contract with the Munich Lions until 2012. Late October 2010, he finally received the Italian passport and is thus now EU citizens.

In the following winter break Biancucchi joined the Spanish second division side FC Girona. He was not used.

In summer 2011 Biancucchi finished his European adventure and returned to South America. There, he signed a contract with the Paraguayan first division side Independiente FBC and promoted, where he initially but in the 2011 season, mostly as a substitute only came to 10 missions in which he was able to score a goal. In the 2012 season, but then he was able to fight for a regular place and scored eight goals in 39 games. However, the club was relegated at the end of the year and moved Biancucchi free transfer in January 2013 for giants Olimpia Asunción.


Emanuel Biancucchi had an Italian great-grandfather; the Italian spelling of the family name is Biancucci. His brother Maxi Biancucchi is also football players, his cousin Lionel Messi as well.