Emanuel Tov

Emanuel Tov ( born September 15, 1941 in Amsterdam) is an Israeli biblical scholar and since 1986 professor at the bible scientific institute of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a recognized expert on issues of textual criticism world. In the editorial team for the publication of the scrolls from the Dead Sea Tov 1984 was taken, in 1990 he released John Strugnell as a responsible publisher from.


After Tov had immigrated to Israel in 1961, he studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He obtained in 1964 the degree of B. A. in Bible and Greek literature and an MA degree in Biblical Studies. Among his teachers were Shemaryahu Talmon and Yehezkel Kutscher. Between 1967 and 1969 he studied at the Department of Near Eastern Languages ​​and Literatures at Harvard, where he began even more to deal with Sea Scrolls from the Dead. From the time at Harvard also results acquaintance with Frank M. Cross and John Strugnell.

Finally Tov received a Ph.D in 1973 at the Hebrew University for his work on the Septuagint version of the book of Jeremiah.

Between 1982 and 1988 taught Tov in Oxford focusing Septuagint. This was followed by fellowships in the Netherlands and the USA. In 1990, the J.- Tov L. Magnes - Chair of Biblical Studies. Also in 1990 was Tov editor in chief in the project for publication in written findings of the Dead Sea, the Judaean Desert Discoveries in the. Under his leadership, the publications were completed with the publication of the last volume in 2003 - over 50 years after the first discoveries.


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