Emblem of Kuwait

The coat of arms of Kuwait was adopted in 1963. It shows a circular emblem with the stern provided with the Kuwaiti flag Dau against white clouds and a blue sky that goes on blue and white wavy lines. It is located on a white banner in black, the state name Dawlat al - Kuwait / دولة الكويت /, State of Kuwait '. A light brown falcon with brown and white feathers surrounding the emblem circular. There is a shield with the national flag on his chest.

The duration is a symbol of the maritime tradition of the country and is also found in the state coat of arms of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The Falcon of the Quraish is a symbol of the tribe of Quraysh, the Prophet Mohammed was a member, and is also found in many arms of the Arabian Peninsula.

The coat of arms replaced an older emblem with a falcon and two crossed flags.