Emergency exit

An emergency exit or emergency exit is an exit from a building or vehicle / aircraft to be used in emergencies. It is an essential part of the fire protection provided for the escape route. It can be the same as regular access principle. The size and the number of emergency exits shall be such that the individuals usually present in the building quickly able to escape even in panic into the open, without the relevant people fall and are thereby overrun by the following or may be harmed otherwise. In the Sample Assembly Ordinance escape routes of 1.20 m width per 200 persons are provided.


Values ​​and guidelines for emergency exits are usually prescribed and verified on site inspection of the building by the building authorities, industrial control or fire department. The regulations and controls are regulated differently in Germany in the countries. However, they are always based on the Euro standards EN 179 ( Building hardware - Emergency exit devices operated by a lever handle or push pad - Requirements and test methods). Also apply to sports venues and meeting places in most countries analogous provisions.


The emergency exit must be marked with a pictogram above the door. The labeling is often done in combination with an emergency lighting. He must at all times be accessible and must not be adjusted by any objects. The way to the emergency exit door (escape route ) must also be clearly marked.

A disadvantage of pictograms is that blind or visually impaired people, this usually can not perceive.

Doors and their closures

Depending on the application, an emergency exit door only on the inside door handles. In addition, the fittings of the door must be installed so that the door can only open in the escape direction. While the door may have a lock, but it must be ensured that the door can be opened at any time simply from the inside in sealed condition.

For buildings which are to be expected panic about because many people are unfamiliar with the area there regularly present, the door in 1125 ( - Panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar - Locks and hardware requirements and test methods ) must, under the Euro standard EN armor. However, the legal validity of this standard is not met, because the Minister of Construction Conference noted that equivalent fasteners are also used. A standard is the part of the building regulations not authorized the application conditions regulate. Panic devices meeting the requirements of the state building code, are legally binding. As a rule, these are doors that can be easily opened with a handle at full width.