Emil Doepler

Emil Doepler the Younger ( born October 29, 1855 in Munich, † December 21, 1922 in Berlin) was a painter, artisan, commercial artist, heralds and teachers. Emil Doepler was the son of Professor Carl Emil Doepler the Elder (1824-1905), who became known for his work as head of the union costume features of the Bayreuth Festival, among others. Emil Doepler married his student Elli deer. The marriage remained childless.


Emil Doepler the Younger devoted himself already as a teenager intensive art. His father, who also made ​​a name for himself as a painter and illustrator, was initially his teacher. He specialized as a draftsman and painter of heraldic art and commercial motives, but also created landscapes and still life in different techniques.


For the company Stollwerck designed Emil Doepler enamel signs and collecting images. This leaflet graphics were printed in various art magazines.



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