Emil Frey (composer)

Emil Frey ( born April 8, 1889 in Baden / Aargau, † May 20 1946 in Zurich ) was a Swiss composer, pianist and music teacher.

The brother of the pianist Walter Frey was at the Conservatory of Geneva student of Otto Barblan, Joseph Lauber and Willy Rehberg. From the age of 15 he studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Louis Diémer, Gabriel Fauré and Charles -Marie Widor. In 1906 he was awarded the Premier Prix de Piano.

1907 Frey went to Berlin and later became court pianist in Bucharest. In 1910 he took part in the Anton Rubinstein Competition and won the honorary diploma in piano and a piano trio the Grand Prize for Composition. From 1912 to 1917 he headed the virtuoso class at the Moscow Conservatory.

During the October Revolution Frey returned to Switzerland and became a professor at the Zurich Conservatory. He held until his death in this place. In addition, he undertook as a pianist concert tours through Europe and South America.

Frey wrote, inter alia, two symphonies, a violin, a cello and a piano concerto, Swiss Festival Overture, chamber music and sonatas, suites and other pieces for the piano. In 1933 he published a piano school become entitled consciousness piano playing and his technical basics.