Emilio Alzamora

Emilio Alzamora ( May 22nd, 1973 in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain ) is a former Spanish motorcycle racer.

In 1999, he won the World Championship in the 125cc class of the MotoGP World Championship.


Emilio Alzamora debuted in the 1994 season with a team of Paolo Pileri Honda of the 125cc class of the MotoGP World Championship. In his first year he could with 16 points in 13 races and rank 22 has not yet translated into correct scene overall.

In the season 1995 Alzamora made ​​the breakthrough. At the Grand Prix of Argentina, he celebrated his first victory, with a total of four podiums he was with 129 points, third in the overall standings. He completed the following season with 158 points from fourth.

Emilio Alzamora 1997 rose with Honda in the 250 cc class, but came over rank 17 not out in the championship standings. For the 1998 season, he went back to the 125cc class and started on Aprilia. The Spaniard managed this year, but not a single podium place was only ranked 21 in the overall standings.

The 1999 season played Alzamora back to Honda. He won this year although no Grand Prix but drove five second and five third places one, scored in each race and finished with 227 points, just one more than the World Cup runner-up Marco Melandri, world champion in the 125cc class. Alzamora was thus, according to Manuel Herreros 1989, the second world champion in the history of the Motorcycle World Championship, the year of his world championship victory celebrated a Grand Prix victory.

The following year, he remained faithful to the 125cc class, won two races and was behind Roberto Locatelli and Yōichi Ui third in the overall standings. The 2001 and 2002 seasons spent Emilio Alzamora turn to Honda in the 250 cc class, and each was seventh in the world championship.

In the 2003 season, the last in Emilio Alzamoras World Cup career, he rode for Derbi in the 125cc class. However, the Spaniard won 16 races in only two championship points and decided after the season to go to the Super Motos, in December 2003, he ended his active career.

In his 144 starts in the Motorcycle World Championship Emilio Alzamora get four wins, 30 podiums, one pole position and five fastest laps. Today he is manager of Marc Márquez.