Emilio Zapico

Emilio Rodríguez Zapico ( born May 27, 1944 in León, Spain; † August 6, 1996, Huete, Spain) was a Spanish racing driver.

Life and career

Emilio Zapico began in the early 1970s primarily to touring and sports car racing part. These included long-distance races such as the 24 - hour race at Spa -Francorchamps in 1973. Inserts in single-seater sports there was not until 1976.

Emilio Zapico participated in all his motorsport career in only one Formula 1 Grand Prix. This was in 1976 when the Grand Prix of Spain, to which he applied his own team Mapfre Williams. He appointed a provided by Walter Wolf Racing Williams FW04 available, who was one year old. Zapico but could not qualify for the launch of the Grand Prix.

From there she moved Emilio Zapico again in touring car racing back before he completely screwed up from motorsport.