Emley Moor transmitting station

The TV Tower Emley Moor (formerly NTL Tower ) is a 330.5 meter high, inaccessible to the public, television tower in Yorkshire. He is named after the Belmont transmitter, the second tallest building in the UK and the tallest freestanding.


On the site of the television tower since the 1950s transmitters were in the same bog in Yorkshire, five kilometers south-east of Huddersfield. Since November 3, 1956 was the first plant of FM and TV signals. For this purpose, first served a 135 -meter high steel framework tower which was replaced in 1964 by a 385 meter high guyed steel tube mast, at the time the tallest building in Europe. On March 19, 1969 this pole broke as a result of severe icing together in a winter storm. The accident led to a total failure of radio and television programs at several million Britons; People came to no harm. Subsequently, several relief efforts had to be introduced to offset the failure of the sender. Out of the transmitter Holme Moss took over part of the transmission tasks. The BBC presented after two days in addition to mobile antennas to ensure the broadcast of the BBC 2. In addition, for £ 100,000, a 204 -meter-high radio mast was erected, which was put into operation on April 16. A few weeks later they built a 91-meter high mast another temporary. Parts of the collapsed steel tube mast used since then as a tower in a yacht club in Huddersfield. As a replacement for the collapsed mast and the subsequent temporary a TV tower in reinforced concrete construction was completed in 1971, which went into operation on April 21.


The 274.32 -meter-high concrete shaft tapers from 24.4 meters in diameter to about 6 meters and stands on a 6.1 -meter-deep circular base made ​​of sandstone. The more than 11,000 -ton tower acts like a slender chimney because its relatively small tower basket is hardly noticeable on 275 m height. The tower basket has a diameter of only 6.5 meters, with a wall thickness of 35 centimeters. The tower is completed by a 56 meter high antenna made ​​of steel. The United Kingdom in 2002 classified the TV tower Emley Moor with the so-called listed building, a list that leads architecturally or historically significant buildings and thus stands under monument protection level 2.

Frequencies and programs

The TV Tower Emley Moor radiates frequency-modulated (FM) analogue radio stations and programs for digital radio. By 2011, he also radiates analogue and digital television.

Digital Radio: BBC National, Digital One and MXR Yorkshire