Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie ( born July 19, 1929 in Les Moutiers -en- Cinglais, Calvados ) is a French historian who is part of the Annales school.

Le Roy Ladurie is the son of Jacques Le Roy Ladurie, a former Minister of Agriculture in the reign of General Pétain. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie was, inter alia, a professor at the Collège de France, where he held the chair of the history of modern civilization 1973-1999. He led from 1987 to 1994, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and is the author of historical bestsellers. Especially his monograph Montaillou about the life and mentality of shepherds and farmers in the same village at the time of the Cathar persecution was a great success.

His main field is the study and description of the life of ordinary people in the Middle Ages and the early modern period, especially in the Languedoc- Roussillon region. He reconstructs the history of everyday life and structures behind the events, for example, from the minutes of the Inquisition or tax lawyer lists and writings of the small town of Romans. The focus of his scientific work was characterized by its membership of the Annales school.

Le Roy Ladurie is considered one of the pioneers of historical climatology. He was a pioneer in the reconstruction of climate history from written sources, the climate archives of the society. In his book on climate history, he initially focused on the reconstruction of the past climate from historical sources, as a response to the attempts of older historians to a climatic determinism in history.

He also wrote about the rise of Thomas Platter the Elder, a Swiss, who brought it from the shepherds to humanists and rector in Basel, and gave documents, autobiographical and travel reports out to him and his family, especially by Thomas Platter the Younger, who in Montpelier studied.

Le Roy Laduie part of the " Association d' études et de recherches en sciences sociales Annie Kriegel ," an anti-totalitarian scientific association on.

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