Emmy Award

The Emmy Award, simplified Emmy, is the most important TV award of the USA and is adjacent to the Academy Award ( for the film ), the Tony Award ( for the theater ) and the Grammy Awards ( for music) one of the four major awards from the U.S. entertainment industry. It is awarded annually since 1949 for the past television season now in 91 different categories. The name " Emmy " is intended to represent the female personification of " Immy ", the English nickname for the image pickup tube (image orthicon tubes ) before television cameras. The 65th Emmy Awards were presented on 22 September 2013.


Three organizations are responsible for the award:

  • The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (American Television Academy ) in Los Angeles for shipments in the evening program (except sports and news )
  • The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in New York for the day sent Movies and contributions as well as sports and news, for regional programs and technical categories
  • The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in New York for all non -US shipments

One of the basic requirements for the nomination of a television production for this award is that the film was first broadcast by a TV station.

The most important ceremonies

The Emmys will be held in various places throughout the year ceremonies. Depending on the event national television shows or even regionally or locally produced programs will be awarded. Each ceremony has their own nomination and election systems. In addition, the various ceremonies have their own award categories, although it is not uncommon to choose the same names as the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series and Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

Primetime Emmy Award

Main categories

Creative Arts Emmys

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Daytime Emmy Award

The Daytime Emmy Award is presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in New York City and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles. The price depends on television programs in the morning, lunch and afternoon program. It was first awarded in 1972. Since 1974, the ceremony will be held in a special ceremony in New York City usually held in May or June of each year.

International Emmy Award

The International Emmy Awards is one conferred by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Television award at the Emmy Awards. With the International Emmy Award annually honors the organization the best, produced outside the U.S. and broadcast television programs.


The following programs have been most frequently nominated for the Emmy (as of July 19, 2012 ):

The comedy series Frasier, with 37 awards ( 1994-2004 ), the previously most award-winning television show.