Emperor Go-Horikawa

Emperor Go - Horikawa (Japanese后 堀 河 天皇, Go- Horikawa Teno; * March 22, 1212; † August 31, 1234 ) was the 86th emperor of Japan (29 July 1221-17 November 1232. ). His proper name was Yutahito (茂 仁)

He was a grandson of Emperor Takakura. He was the father of Emperor Shijō.

His father was the second son Prince Morisada Emperor Takakura and you called this Go- Takakura - in (后 高 仓 院). Before his coronation he was preparing to become a Buddhist monk, but the Kamakura shogunate wanted him as the next emperor. He ascended the throne at the age of 10 years, but his father made ​​the real politics. After his father's death in 1223 ruled the Emperor himself in 1232 he gave his first son Prince Mitsuhito the throne.

One of his wives was as Takatsukasa - in (鹰 司 院, † 1275 ) referred.

  • Tennō
  • Born in 1212
  • Died in 1234
  • Man
  • Kamakura period