Emperor Go-Tsuchimikado

Emperor Go - Tsuchimikado (Japanese后土 御 门 天皇; born July 3, 1442October 21, 1500 ) was the 103rd Tenno of Japan (21 August 1464-21 October 1500. ). His proper name was Naruhito (成仁).

At the beginning of his reign the Ōnin War, which extended also to Kyoto began. The people there are fighting made ​​it difficult to continue the traditional way of life at the court of Kyoto.

Emperor Go - Tsuchimikado wanted five times to resign from his office during his reign.

When he died had the imperial court in such serious financial problems that he had to keep more than 40 days at the court of the body of the emperor, because there was no money for the burial ceremony.

  • Tennō
  • Born in 1442
  • Died in 1500
  • Man