Emperor Horikawa

Horikawa (Japanese堀 河 天皇, Horikawa - tennō; * August 8, 1079; † August 9, 1107 ) was the 73rd Tennō of Japan. His proper name was Taruhito (善 仁). He is not to be confused with the 86th Emperor Go - Horikawa.

Horikawa had indeed held the throne from 1087 until his death in 1107, but had virtually no political power. In essence, his father, Shirakawa- tennō reigned. During his tenure falls 1102, the first original Japanese print of the entire Buddhist canon ( Issaikyō ).

His son, the Toba Tenno, was, after his mother died, raised by the Shirakawa- Tennō and made ​​the Crown Prince of Horikawa.